What Happens: Part One

What Happens: Part One

Here’s what happens; you always want better. NO ONE is satisfied with what they have. We always want more. Once upon a time we had the best relationship ever. Slowly the vim wore out and it started to deteriorate. Now what…

Instead of telling your couple to get their game back up, you lean towards renewal. A common tendency for all of us, really. The tendency to find something “new” or “better.” We don’t tend to fix what’s broken. Usually we seek “experts” to come fix our problems. The majority of us don’t want to deal with a relationship expert. Just the thought of it is bewildering, so we renew it. When you renew a book, you keep the same book but with an extended due date.

There’s not a hardback guide as to how to renew a relationship. Hence, we make our own ways of renewal. Some of us do as libraries do and extend the due date. How so? A book (a person) goes through a certain amount of time until it is due back to the library (society). We “borrow” someone from society in a relationship. Soon comes the day when the loan is over and we must return them to society. In our relationship metaphor, let’s say the “due date” is when the relationship gets tainted by jealousy, anger, frustration, doubt, sadness, boredom, or anything benign to you. Now we want to renew the book so it’s ours to enjoy for a longer amount of time. There’s several ways to  come about renewing a partner in a relationship. Some people don’t want to renew it, other swindle it-rather.


One renewal process is to return it to the library. You simply don’t have sufficient time to enjoy the book anymore so you simply give it back. Maybe school and sports or your job-even-take too much time for you to mind the book. When you do mind it, it’s out of sorrow or pity for ignoring the book while it sets in the dusty corner of your desk, ever-so patiently to be minded by you.

“I’m sorry, I just have too much going on in life to stay in a relationship. I say we shan’t be together any longer.”

Back to the library they go.

Later in life, you find yourself reminiscing about that one person who loved you dearly. The one person whom you gave back to society. They seemed to be obsessed with you a year ago, perchance they still are. luckily nobody has checked out “your” book.

“Hey” you say.

A whale of nostalgia befalls upon you. Now you’re stuck with an overflow of archaic feelings and emotions. It feels luscious and exuberant all over again. The relationship is now renewed. It’s all better now.


Another common relationship renewal, is going for something better. Something new and fresh. Something vigorous and exciting all over again.

“We don’t talk the same as we used to. Matter of fact, we don’t even talk anymore. We haven’t been on a date since forever, I can keep going on and on about how dysfunctional we are.”

“I know. I don’t know why we grew so distant.”

“I don’t see us getting any better. All we have are disputes. I’m done with this. Goodbye.”

When we get to this point, yes we feel sullen, but mostly disappointed. Whatever happened to all those sweet-nothings they used to tell us? And all that time we used to spend together falling deeper in “love?” Why did we even get together…

The electricity that used to spark us wild with ecstatic feelings, died. The relationship just morphed into a dreadful duty. Once you reached the point when talking to them is more of a chore rather than a desire, then it’s a clear indication that it’s time for renewal. You’ve felt them up and down, felt them all around, whiffed their lovely scent, tasted their ripe DNA, and listened to all their sweet-nothings. They’ve divulged all five sensual senses to you but it’s no longer exuberant. It turns into a distasteful activity, similar to taking out the trash.

The renewal of the preceding scenario will be divulged in part two of What Happens. Negative feedback is much obliged. Thank you.

Forever, Sway.


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