He finished off a bottle of rum, followed by a bottle of bourbon. He felt the solitude. He felt the demons.  Listening to a demonic song, watching a worldly show; It’s past midnight. Have you ever danced “with the devil in the pale moonlight?” Most … Continue reading Spirits

Protected: Le Plus Beau

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When you can’t share your own mind or beliefs with others because they never understand, there’s not much else left to do but to ponder about it alone or in silence. And when that happens, it will make you a tad bit insane after a … Continue reading Share


The conglomerate of my own chasm is enveloped by demise. My routine proceeds with an eerie passion for penance. I have no founding grounds. No balance. I tumble, bobble and shimmy through every 24 hours. I can’t wait until I collapse. At the same time, … Continue reading Demise