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Autism is hard to cope with. The one you care about struggles to communicate with you. They also struggle to bond with those who mean no harm. They struggle to comprehend abstract and convoluted functions. Language doesn’t come about naturally. That’s a hard enough life … Continue reading Autism


In all sooth, the most loving words a girl has ever told me are “you’re not the only one. And I will end up hurting you.” That made my soul crumble in that instant, but henceforth, I felt nothing but serenity. I knew she was … Continue reading She

I love you

If they love you, they’ll forgive you. If you love them, you’ll forgive them. No matter how much they hurt you, forgive them. No matter how bad they hurt you, forgive them. Don’t inflict pain upon them. Yes, they tear your heart apart day by … Continue reading I love you


When beautiful music enters your ears, it’s something majestical. It entices and invites you to indulge in the voluptuous treble and bass. After a while you find yourself feeling some type of way. You’re not sure what it is. Maybe, just maybe it’s happiness. Yes; … Continue reading When