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When you don’t have trust in a person, all you can do is trust them to get better. When the trails and tribulations arise, there’s not much one can do about it except mentally defend themselves. How so? With faith. The cure to any doubt … Continue reading Doubt


When you can’t share your own mind or beliefs with others because they never understand, there’s not much else left to do but to ponder about it alone or in silence. And when that happens, it will make you a tad bit insane after a … Continue reading Share


Why do treat your loved one like they’re the one who hurt you when it’s other people who hurt you? At least give your partner disclosure. Not an explanation, disclosure for all the pain you cause. They don’t deserve the pain you cause them. Yes, … Continue reading Why


Get medicated.  Now you’ve been sedated.  Now you’re hella faded.  And you’ve been persuaded.  To let Dog out.  No more God now.  Not the god you’re thinking of.  Not the dog you’re thinking of.  It’s an oxymoron for the morons.  Based on Fallout, not my … Continue reading Dog


Autism is hard to cope with. The one you care about struggles to communicate with you. They also struggle to bond with those who mean no harm. They struggle to comprehend abstract and convoluted functions. Language doesn’t come about naturally. That’s a hard enough life … Continue reading Autism