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I had a crush on a girl once. I didn’t know her age, but mine was 10. In my perspective, she was way taller than me. She was like a pillar of radiating beauty. I was a muggy pipsqueak. I used to fantasize about placing … Continue reading Crushed


In all sooth, the most loving words a girl has ever told me are “you’re not the only one. And I will end up hurting you.” That made my soul crumble in that instant, but henceforth, I felt nothing but serenity. I knew she was … Continue reading She


When beautiful music enters your ears, it’s something majestical. It entices and invites you to indulge in the voluptuous treble and bass. After a while you find yourself feeling some type of way. You’re not sure what it is. Maybe, just maybe it’s happiness. Yes; … Continue reading When