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Her pure and virgin eyes are mystical. She entices all who gawk at her. Her body arouseses any gender and sex. She knows how immaculate she appears. To compensate, she also knows all of her demons and wicked imperfections. The bumpy skin. The way she … Continue reading Sapphire


In all sooth, the most loving words a girl has ever told me are “you’re not the only one. And I will end up hurting you.” That made my soul crumble in that instant, but henceforth, I felt nothing but serenity. I knew she was … Continue reading She


When you hold a knife, you’re about as safe as if the closest human to you held it. Maybe that human is a not only a sociopath, but a psychopath. Who knows what they’d do with a knife. They might stab you with it. But … Continue reading Knife


I’m not cliche enough to make that the title to one of my pieces. No, it’s a Netflix series that premiered today. I found this really interesting comment, “you’re… Fake nice, which is worse than being mean.”  That’s true. All those fake people who say … Continue reading Love