She Got It

She got exactly what she wanted, and with me you ask… well she left me taunted. 

Her moaning in her ear confirmed my worst fear, she took all that I had and it made her glad…

She made her hers too, stuck onto her like glue, and whenever I look at her, I see her too,

She took what she wanted, and she messed with her brain, she filled it with agony, she filled it with pain,

She tormented it, she made it miserable, and now I can see it, it is now visible, she shook me in and out, left me with feelings of doubt,

For the pain from her was no gain, just pain,

And her lust towards her was the rain upon my miserable no good day

And not the good type of rain, the type that holds acid, the type of rain that makes you go rancid,

Rain that pounds against your brain, fills it with deceit, and roaring like a train,

Now when I look at her I see her, I wish that all of this was one big blur, 

I wish it was all a lie, I wish it was something she could deny…

But she can not deny what happened that night

The night that still fills me with its freight,

The night that was not filled with delight,

The night my courage just could not fight…


There was never an ongoing war. Never any doubt. Lust had won long ago. The other two were her puppets. And He was just another benefactor to her self pleasure. 

“Sorry I didn’t kiss you, but it’s obvious I wanted too.” -Kling and Clairo

He knew she would want a kiss and some fries “to go,” but he refused to let Lust get her “cherry on top.” He knew that Lust had won. She always got what she wanted from anyone and anything. It was her power. Cliche enough, she was careless with her powers. Always leaving wounds behind for others to deal with. He knew the risks. And now He was left to patch himself up. The poor fool had no chance of survival. Lust had cut his arteries in order to get what she wanted. 

Now she had the life she wanted and the freedom that was once his.

She’d continue to drift in her own paradise. If she was happy, everyone else should be happy as well right? She didn’t care for answers. 

Every once in a while she did care to be the “pretty girl.” -Clairo

It was Lust who got all of the attention, 

All of the pleasure,

She was always the one who had to be satiated one way or another. She made sure of it. Everyone else came after. 

She only ever prioritized herself even when she had others working for her. 

She was relentless. 

“Tax season.”

Her subordinates would pay taxes with their lives. 

There was no way to satiate her. She drained life from others only to fill herself with vim again. 

And fill herself with vim she did. Lust never cared if those around her died. She would drain the life from them while they slowly died before her eyes.  

To her, they were disposable after all. Replaceable. 

She wasn’t. 

“Pink flowers grow from my skin. Pepto bismol veins and I grin. You look so nice in your shirt. It’s sad because it just hurts. 

I’d do anything for you. But would you do that for me too?” -Clairo

I see the way other forces brought this tree to me in exchange for the nut I let go. 

It’s far from the same but it’s mine nonetheless. 

A nut will remain the same forever. 

But a tree, 

A tree is constantly “changing.” -Clairo


I didn’t write any of the first half, but a special “thank you” goes to Clairo for sharing her past experiences to help with the top half of the bottom half. Find her music on Spotify 

~I would give my life for you any day. And I do. Day after day after day after day. My life is not mine. It’s yours.~


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