When you don’t have trust in a person, all you can do is trust them to get better. When the trails and tribulations arise, there’s not much one can do about it except mentally defend themselves. How so? With faith. The cure to any doubt is to have faith. Faith in the unseen, rather. The unfathomable. The unreal. 

That means your faith may be in something that will come into fruition, but as of right now, it’s not real. That means you’ll be hoping for something marvelous to fulfill itself. When you don’t trust your partner, have faith in them. It’s all you can do to feel better. This doesn’t solve your problems. It simply aids your doubt. Your partner will either fulfill that marvelous hope of yours, or they’ll break the faith you have in them once once again. Whatever happens is bound to happen. Doubt won’t solve anything. It’ll only hurt you mentally. Faith won’t solve anything. It’ll heal you mentally. 

“Pretty Thoughts” By Galimatias is what you should have. 


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