When it’s world quivers, without the influence of  spirits, 

The trapped one is always more dangerous than most. 

All the pain builds up inside over time. 

When unleashed, there’s no ceasing,

Only extreme measures stop the raging soul. 

One way to stop it is a bullet hole. 

Waste, runt, mistake, inferior, not-the-best,  et cetra. 

Maybe they’re all just synonyms. 

Or maybe you’re playing games again. 

Wise people are wise from experience. 

So if you’ve never been through divorce, then how will you grow wise?

That’s the reason why marriages fail. 

And there’s always the fools who never learn. 

Along with those who don’t want to learn. 

I have chosen one life and one life only. 

Demons, humans, they won’t own me. 

Honesty doesn’t exists in this world. 

When you ask someone “how do I look?” 

When you know you look bad, 

They’ll never mention the imperfections that you see. 

They’ll never mention that one hair standing out, or the crust from the gel, nor the cowlick from hell. 

They’ll never notice and the evidence is there, “you look good,” they’ll say. 

They’ll lie to you all the way. 

Or maybe it’s because they’re too blinded by their own imperfections. 

Maybe they just don’t care. 

It’s ok, enjoy “tremolo” by Pacific UV


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