Do you?

Do you ever imagine what it feels like to be them? 

Do you want to? 

Do you feel how vacant and lonely life is?

Do you find it possible to see your future the way a negative one does?

Do you cower from the feeling of vanity around you when awakening?

Do you find food repulsive?

Do you grasp how insignificant you are holding back those tears?

Do you ask to be handled as garbage? 

Do you find arousal in being sexually used and then rejected? 

Do you get a little wet when they cheat on you? 

Do you seek blood after makeup sex?

Do you tire of seeking someone who’ll use you properly? 

Do you crave for pain to befall upon you? 

Do you rejoice basking in pain? 

Do you value yourself as significant as the lint in your pocket? 

Do you manage to even empathize towards the unhappy? 

Do you have the capacity to rationalize a state of mind beyond unhappiness? 

Do you have the body-ruining scars from sparring the urge to die?

Do you see how repulsive your body is?

Do you gaze at your imperfections? 

Do you insult yourself with ease?

Do you understand how wrong it is to insult yourself that easy?

Do you then realize every insult is vehement?

Do you quease at how your stomach wails for food while shoving it out? 

Do you force feed yourself day after day? 

Do you battle the urge to puke day after day? 

Do you feel yourself losing the little feeling you had left?

Do you feel jovial after self-inflicting awful pain?

Do you realize how being jolly makes you gloomy?

Do you realize how being gloomy makes you jolly? 

Do you then realize how wry that is? 

Do you chuckle after realizing how sad that is? 

Do you chuckle again after that realization gave you peace of mind? 

Do you hear how bombastic the confusion is?

Do you whiff that unhappy stench? 

Do you connive being adored every now and then? 

Do you keep record of how everyone else is better? 

Do you stop to think about your nimble and brittle appendages?

Do you reach for someone to hold?

Do you douche in your sullen thoughts?

Do you grow weary of living? 

Do you ponder on your life’s taint and corruption?

Do you engulf negativity so those who orbit you aren’t contaminated?

Do you mimic being happy? 

Do you keep screams and tears chaste while you smile?

Do you show your genuine emotions?

Do you sentence your feeble-self to no happiness for life? 

Do you lack faith in yourself?

Do you beg for a cure? 

Do you subtract years from your life for others live? 

Do you soak up the pain so they won’t have to?

Do you suppress the urge to bequeath your mind upon them so they go to sleep happy? 

Do you feel vehement pain flowing through your veins?

Do you? 

I don’t think you do. 

“Trash” by Korn equals a massive influx. 


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