When you can’t share your own mind or beliefs with others because they never understand, there’s not much else left to do but to ponder about it alone or in silence. And when that happens, it will make you a tad bit insane after a while. Trust me, I’ve tried. When you do express all of those thoughts and ideas after secluding them for as long as you’ve been in school, it’s quite unnerving. So forget about everyone in your life who only makes your soul hurt by making you think it’s best to stay silent and keep to yourself. Share. Yes, it’s a waste of hydrogen dioxide when you’re talking to someone who will never value what you are expressing but that doesn’t mean you must resort to silence. The hardship about it all, is that you can give the most evidence-hefty, fact-laced oeuvre to someone about your point of view, but if it’s not their point of view, they’ll never see things the way you do. Yet, time after time, you keep trying to help them see things the way you do. When you catch yourself frustrated at someone not catching your drift, then just seal your chatterbox. You must understand that they’ll never understand. So why waste brainpower on trying to convince a chunk of steak that your point of view is genius? It’s rhetorical, it’ll never be accomplished. The same goes for someone who seems to never agree with you. Whether it’s a stranger or a familiar. Don’t let it gnash your soul when someone does not/ does not want to understand what you have to share. If you truly see no flaws in your way of thinking, then forget about the opposition and move on to a friendly who will appreciate your point of view. Find at least one in a million who will make you feel comfortable sharing a piece of your mind. 

“The lost boy” by Greg Holden will make your foresight strive.


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