Snuff (do not read this)

Stick it in her muff. 

Yeah this dick’s buff

She ain’t going to work. 

She took the day off. 

Licking on her clit. 

But I know she wants this dick. 

If not, I’ma make her love it, 

Or there’s gon’ be some shit. 

Groping on her tits. 

That’s when she goes and spits. 

All over my face. 

And it puts me in a rage. 

Now I’m in between her thighs. 

Thrustin’till she cries. 

I tell her “I’ll be your demise.”

That’s when she looks me in the eyes. 

I don’t see a human, 

I see a burger and some fries. 

So I start to eat her up. 

I start munchin’on her cups. 

Her breasts start turning red. 

That’s when she knows she should’ve fled. 

Now she’s lying on the bed. 

Her pussy probably dead. 

And I hate myself for crying. 

On the inside always dying. 

I pounced on her like a lion. 

“I’m sorry for your loss.”

Pussy lookin like a sauce. 

Now I hold her in my arms. 

“I didn’t mean no harm.”

Then I kiss her soft and sweetly. 

All she says is “eat me.”

I start kissing on her muff. 

The whole scene ending like a snuff. 

Since neither of us dead,

She gets up to give me head. 

Deep down, I know she wants me dead. 

So I bring her up and hold her. 

I tell her “grab the knife.”

“I want YOU to take my life.”

She claims “but I want to be your wife.”

That ignites my heart on fire. 

Suddenly I lose all of my ire, 

And I whisper soft and gently,

“I want you to put it in me.”

Now the knife is all that she sees. 

That infiltrates her brain. 

It makes her go insane. 

Alas, she makes me feel her pain. 

This was a hidden piece stashed in the darkest crevasses that I wrote freshman year inspired by Tyler the Creator and his song “Sarah”


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