When my Kitty goes to sleep, and I sit in the living room alone, I receive a reminder. A reminder from my brain that is. A diminutive notification that’s as bombastic as cheap speakers on blast. The simple reminder that I’m alone. When it comes to friends, I have none. Just my closest friend, Sapphire. I’ve never searched for friendships. Only one. A close one. I prefer to have at least one person to divulge all of my superfluous thoughts to. That, and vehement squanders of the brain. Though deep, ominous thoughts stay enveloped in the darkest crevasses of my brain. I only bestow a couple of those thoughts to Sapphire. Dastardly thoughts are always clandestine. Only expelled when irate. I suppress my ire against my desire to ignite a fire. Otherwise, my acts are the epitome of a succinct and heinous largesse. I only hope I don’t bequeath my spawns with such boondoggled dissertations. I try my best to absolve myself from all of my taut errors. That way I’ll feel apt to be a father. All of this pondering is just in vain, but I’d rather entertain all of those in pain. Maybe I’ll be of some enlightenment to your heavy soul. 

To feel even better, listen to “Woodland” by my favorite and beloved band; The Paper Kites. 


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