Why do treat your loved one like they’re the one who hurt you when it’s other people who hurt you? At least give your partner disclosure. Not an explanation, disclosure for all the pain you cause. They don’t deserve the pain you cause them. Yes, other people hurt you, but that’s what you have your partner for. To tell them what others do to hurt you. Not to go hurting your loved one just because others hurt or annoy you. That’s just cold and harsh, like when you touch dry ice. That’s probably why they stay away from you. Touching dry ice all the time can really start to harm you. You’re basically using them as an emotional punching bag. Is that all your loved one means to you? The least you could do is explain what other people do to you. That way your love one has a clue as to why you’re so cold with them. If you don’t, you’re the douche for hurting your loved one without a reason to. Once you explain why you’re dishing out your emotions on them, then it’s their responsibility. Now it’s their turn. They can either get upset because you haven’t been telling them everything that’s been going on in your life or they can be comprehensive and help you out while the other people hurt you. Either way, it’s best to be open. Not closed. It hurts the worse when you’re closed. Why? Well, all the pain you’re dishing out on your loved one is more hurtful because they didn’t do anything to deserve it. The douchebags who hurt you are the ones you should be hurtful to. Not your loved one. So go ahead. Try being open with your loved one for once. Don’t be so secluded. Us humans are not as strong as we pose we are. Everyone needs at least one person in their life to hear all their problems. Deny it as much as you want but the evidence is there. 

Ok, now listen to “For ya” by Bandana Split and tell me, “how’s that working out for ya?” 


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