This feels homey all over again. 

Sitting in bed, with nothing but a pen. 

In the beginning of my high school career, I was an immature adult. 

Now, I’m just a mature kid. 

No matter how vehement the pain of tar scabbing my throat was, 

I kept puffing away. 

No matter how much the drink made me wretch,

I kept drinking away. 

I am addicted to all forms of penance.

I could barely breath anymore.

I could barely swallow food anymore. 

It was oddly satisfying. 

A step closer…

It boils my brain, 

Until it makes me insane.

And then I ponder. 

Yonder and yonder. 

Lately, it hasn’t all been a squander. 

I’m starting to have realizations. 

And even some revelations. 

I’m tired as hell. 

I never rest well. 

Nightmares every night. 

At times, I can’t put up a fight. 

Sometimes I’m scared to sleep. 

Sometimes I sit there and weep. 

Some may call me weak. 

It’s okay, they’ve only seen the sheep. 

Brace yourself, for the wolf within. 

Late night, he refines his hymn. 

One day, you’ll hear the excellence of his howl. 

So wretched, it’ll make you scowl. 

Closer and closer…

You’ll get to the truth…

Get a little closer.

Let’s see how much you can handle. 

You feel safe and brave with that little candle. 

A gust blows it out, now you start to pout and soon follows a shout. 

Don’t be scared. 

Trust me, I cared. 

That’s why I left you alone, so you could go home, with chills in your bones. 

But I didn’t harm you, 

You make it all up. 

I never said that. 

I never did that. 

Despite the horror, you decide to come closer. 

What entices you about me?

All I do is scare you. 

You seem to have me figured out. 

This time, you come back with two candles. 

One for you. 

One for me. 

I accept your tributes. 

Thenafter, we get lit.

I see the splendor in your face. 

You see the battle in mine. 

Yet you stay. 

Now you’re really close. 

How’d you manage to get here?

You got past all the dismay and turbulence. 

Now you’re here. 

Your lips brush past mine. 


You’re so close. 


Your lips gingerly push mine.

I flinch. 

I don’t want to maul your face.

I don’t know how to interact with humans. 

Yet you don’t care and you push forward. 

It’s a dead end. 

There’s no more steps to take backwards. 

“Sapphire” I say without evidence. 

“It’s okay,” she tells me. 

She hexes me and lures me to her. 

I don’t want to be alone.

Not anymore.

“I want you, Sapphire,” I beg. 

Words don’t manage to get past her lips. 

Her lips are too busy talking to mine. 

No words, just body language. 

It’s as if our lips were the protagonists in a movie. 

We love watching it with our eyes closed. 

I feel your aura caressing me. 

I feel your lips devouring me. 

“Kitty” is just you being humble. 

I know you’re a lioness. 

I saw it in you. 

You’re Sapphire. 

All I feel is your aura luring me. 

It only expresses one word

“Closer,” it tells me. 

“Broken” by Lund is better than any hip hop/rap you listen to. 


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