Her pure and virgin eyes are mystical. She entices all who gawk at her. Her body arouseses any gender and sex. She knows how immaculate she appears. To compensate, she also knows all of her demons and wicked imperfections. The bumpy skin. The way she appears twiggy in photos. The way her body is disfigured when she takes a picture. When she peers-at and penetrates the eyes looking back at her from the mirror, she sees a repulsive and atrocious scion. Scion, yes, but still terrorizing. She can never manage to stare for over 30 seconds. Wherein public, everyone acts as if they could stare forever. She dislikes any and all humans. She doesn’t understand humans…

 I see her. She’s alone in the darkness. Her only source of light is the aura that whisks out from her soul. Cobalt blue streaks of fluorescent light ignite the night. Similar to the steaks of color trapped inside a glass marble. The streaks don’t illuminate much. They flutter and struggle to remain alive. 

I see her. She hugs her legs to her chest and knees to her  face. She wants something. Maybe someone. I believe her aura leads the thing she wants to her location. 

So why am I here. Who is she. 

I’m not baffled. So those weren’t questions. 

I’m enticed. Why doesn’t she acknowledge me? She reminds me of…

“Sapphire. Who am I?” I ask. 

She’s facing me now…

Her eyes devour me whole.

“You are Not Here.” She whispers.

Tommy Genesis was the muse for this piece with her song “they cum they go.”


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