Autism is hard to cope with. The one you care about struggles to communicate with you. They also struggle to bond with those who mean no harm. They struggle to comprehend abstract and convoluted functions. Language doesn’t come about naturally. That’s a hard enough life as it is. To add to that struggle, they could be the exact same person you are on the inside. Except you’ll never know because they’re trapped inside the autism. It’s like an alter ego that never goes away. Repulsive people call them names such as “vegetables” or “morons,” but they’re simply trapped inside a limited mind and body. Deep down in their heart, that’s where their real personality lies. When they’re strong enough to defeat autism, it’s a lovely experience. A glimpse of their true personality shines like the sun in the morning. Autism soon takes over, and the struggles are real again. Be nice to people with autism. They don’t deserve to be bullied for a person who they are not. What you see is not the person, it’s the autism. If you could meet the person, whom they are deep down inside, you’d be baffled. You’d relaize how capable and cunning they are. I hope that each and everyone who has a mental condition finds someone who loves them. Someone who finds them cute and adorable. Those feeling leading to a relationship. People with mental conditions only deserve happiness, they already struggle enough. 

“All along” by Kid Cudi is my truth. 


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