In all sooth, the most loving words a girl has ever told me are “you’re not the only one. And I will end up hurting you.” That made my soul crumble in that instant, but henceforth, I felt nothing but serenity. I knew she was talking to other guys. That was so much better than having to find out after I became fond of her. I didn’t have to worry about her leaving me. I knew she would. That allowed us to have fun and be happy for once. And soon after, the relationship shattered. I didn’t miss her. She was gone from day one. And it hurt nonetheless, but in the end, I was satisfied. I already knew the pain was upon me, so when it struck me, it struck me like bottle cap being tossed at my torso by her. I felt it in a diminutive fashion. I fancy that, rather than to be sizzled by hot grease after becoming fond of her. 


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