We suffer consequences of the government. If the US government found it quixotic to start a nuclear war, millions will die. Just picture it, in that nuclear war, would your family really deserve to die just because some White House residents decided to be hooligans with the power of bombs beyond their merit? I don’t think so, I believe that We the People deserve to live. If foreign governments have beef with our government, then why should We the People suffer its’ consequences? Let the politics kill each other. Not us the People. We don’t run the U.S. So why should we be hated by other countries? Some of us just want peace. To aqquire peace, we must reach a compromise. This world’s government seems to have never been taught what compromise is. A compromise is, by definition, “an agreement or a settlement of a dispute reached by each side making concessions.” Now, the definition of concessions is, “a thing granted, especially in response to demands.” Just ponder about it. 

The song “Mojo So Dope” by Kid Cudi make my ears euphoric. 


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