We were so close, yet we never discovered each other. That’s unbecoming. Sometimes we have that one friend in school who smiles that sweet smile at us and cares for us. They feel like a sister or brother to us, yet you haven’t discovered them. You love them, yet you don’t know much about them. A whole summer passes and you barely talk, ,maybe you’ve never even spent time with the friend, but when you see them again, it’s as if you guys were never separated. There’s still that underlying love. 

At times, that doesn’t work out. You see that person who was once tight with you and now it’s just awkward. The friendly love isn’t there. The relationship just goes as dry as a banana peel in the desert. And you never got to discover the other person. 

We were so close, yet we never discovered each other. To some, that statement may be interpreted as; they had a best friend. Suddenly that best friend got in a relationship and they lost their best friend. They’re stuck in the past. Discovering each other is no longer fathomable. Neither is the friendship. The friend is now lost in a relationship and impossible to discover. 

We were so close, yet we never discovered each other. Online friends can be the closest friends. Yet, there’s times when we don’t even know their full name, what they’re truly like, or even what their favorite color is. It’s quite sullen. They could live on the opposite side of the world and you’ll never experience their body language. You’ll possibly never get to discover the other person, yet you’re so “close.”

So it’s fair to ask; “is it real, cause you’re online?”

Inspired by a good friend; S


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