I’m Sway

There is no Trey. Just Sway.

This chump by the name of Trey who claims to be me is a heathen. He is not of my religion. He’s an apostate.

He’s trying to finagle my reputation. I guarantee he does not know half of the words on my website. He’s a filthy wench. His name taints my reputation the same way a rapist taints a virgin’s purity. It disgusts me.

He’s a little self-centered, egotistic rascal who does nothing good with his life. So what does he do? He tries to claim he’s me. Why? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s because he’s not content with himself so he wants to take on the pride and honor of being Sway.

That’s foolish and childish of him. Test him. Make him prove he’s sway. Tell him what to write about next. Ask him what the lexeme that I use means. I bet you don’t even know what lexeme is. Neither does he because he’s just a pubescent hooligan trying to look better in society by taking on a title that is not rightfully his.

Test him I proclaim!

test him

I hand out fresh new piece to my brohiem Bacon. Trey has no clue whom Bacon the Great is. I do. He’s the one who handed this personally to you.

There is NO trey. Just Sway.



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