At first, I would walk out at night. The eeriness and still of the night terrified me.  Chills were brought into fruition on my arms. Even down to my bones. Monsters lurked around every corner. Awaiting to feast upon me. I churned my insides with my own fear. The demons were out and about. They have been longing to devour my soul.

Throughout the years, I would walk outside at night and not once did I realized the transition until recently. 

Now, I’m not afraid of the dark. I lost all fear. Instead, the luscious night sky fills me with a vim that I’ve never experienced before. The cool, crisp night air make me feel alive and ready to strive. The demons no longer endeavor to wolf-down my soul. Instead they evade me. They scurry along as I stride gracefully in the night’s atmosphere. 

I am the demon people fear when they walk in the nighttime. I’m the one with the red eyes and terrifying sharp teeth. I’m the one feasting on a carcass. I’m the top dog who’ll devour all the malicious souls. 

Will I ravish upon the innocent? No. When I see someone who’s horrified by me, I don’t scare them further. I hide in my shell and hope they’ll feel safer. I was once in their spot. I would’ve loved for some demon to cower down in my presence. Instead they hid; making it seem like they had something evil to hide. I would’ve loved for a demon to tell me “I’m the good guy. I won’t eat you. I’ll keep you safe. I know how putrid everyone can be but I’ll keep you safe. Give me a chance to show you my ways.” If I was told that by a scary creature, I’d give it a tight hug. That way I wouldn’t be scared at night for much longer. I’d know I had my own guardian demon. I’d feel safe at night. 

Now I’m the one fighting for justice to the innocent. I’m fighting evil with evil. I’m slicing diamonds with my own diamonds. I’m just as scary as everyone else. The only diference is that I’m not feral inside. I’m just a fluffy cheetah cub inside. Just give me a chance. Feel free to hug me. I’ll keep you safe.


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