I’m not cliche enough to make that the title to one of my pieces. No, it’s a Netflix series that premiered today. I found this really interesting comment, “you’re… Fake nice, which is worse than being mean.” 

That’s true. All those fake people who say “what a good job,” even after the fact that you screwed up, are just pricks. Some would refer to these type of people as a “jackass.” Honestly, it feels a lot better to know the truth than to be lied to. When you did a horrible job, and some jackass walks up to you and says “wow, you did good,” that just hurts. It also makes you feel awkward. You think to yourself “should I smile back and say think you?” You know they’re lying so, are they even worth a “thank you?” I say no. You shouldn’t lie to them like they did to you. Take a stand for humanity. Yes, it’s polite of them to compliment you, but not in the long run. A year from now when you’re still a screw up and people keep saying “good job” every time you screw up, you’ll be a jolly screw up. You may not realize it, but everyone else does. Even the very same person who told you “good job.” Why is that bad? You’re a failure and nobody has the bravery to tell you how bad of a job you did. So take a stand next time that you realized you did a bad job. 

It’ll go as follows; you did a horrible job. Someone walks up to you being all fake and smiley. They say;

“You did a splendid job.” With the fakest smile possible. 

Now is your time to take a stand for humanity. Tell them something similar to;

“Why are you lying?” With a sly smile. 

They say, “no sugar. I’m not kidding, you DID do a good job. Don’t worry,” as their face sours. 

Now your rebuttal will be, “I committed plenty of erroneous acts, don’t lie because you take me a slower molasses. I am smart enough to know that you’re lying and that I did a bad job.”

See, now it might sound rude to you. Truth is, you’ll be the truthful one. They’re now the fake “nice” people. That is so much worse.


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