I done goofed. Four is a really big number in the world of righteousness. It’s a time gap of wisdom and the unknown. It’s both the past and the future. That’s a square of experience for me, and a square of anxiety for thy. A square i have lost and tainted. A square in which thy expects to prosper in. I got wrapped in the devil’s silk sheets. I was blinded by her lust. The fiery passion got so intense to the point where I melted. I was then welded and forged to thy. We became one. Our convoluted thoughts intertwined. They spawned a fleshly sin. A monstrous, slimy, foul-played ghoul of a sin. The ghoul arose to haunt our every action. We didn’t care for the square. Though we always knew it was there. I was unspoken. Thee was mature. Thy’s cherry blossomed. Thy’s rivers flowed. Thy’s cave was wide. The outer walls were designed by the most prestigious architects. Thy’s earthquakes were laced with vim. Thee was a savage beast stuffed in a docile animal. The beast showed me marvels that I had only fantasized about. Little did I realize that I was waltzing with the devil in the pale moonlight.


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