I don’t know why I do what I do.

Every day, I just follow through.

I have a thought in my head, which is my main menace.

That thought is:  I deserve some penance.

It won’t go away.

It’s here to stay.

It Screams At Me Loud, When I’m Feeling Proud, In Front Of A Crowd.

so i sit in the corner, i seem like a stoner but i’m really a loner.

I’m scared.

Nobody cared.

Except for one.

But that’s a conundrum.

It’s so damn confusing and I think about choosing but I just end up losing.

Losing my mind, losing my wisdom, losing my thoughts.

How quixotic it is to lose my life, maybe I’ll never have a wife, because I can’t help but reach for the knife.

“That’s not okay, Sway.”

Well then what’s “okay,” and who are you to say.

Unless you’re my soul, I don’t want to hear you try and control all of my goals.

While I was folding my clothes, I thought of “relationship goals,” I lost my control and it fickled my soul.

Now I’m in reverse, taking back that one verse, that hurt you the worst.

It’s only a curse.

My words only disperse.

Inevitably, all I do is hurt those whom are close, the ones I love most.

I’ve tried my best, but everyone ends up with a dose, and I am the host.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Well, I do but, that’s for no one to see.

I don’t know why I do what I do.

Well, at least now, I have the slightest clue.


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