Just a timeless guy with a cliche, but bodacious rhyme.


I listen to all these hooligans.

All they say are shenanigans.

It’s disgusting how they exhibit themselves.

Sadly leggings stuff their shelves.

Same pair everyday.

Just so they can get a “Slay!!”

It’s quite appalling to my eye.

Society is on it’s way to die.

It shows you’re easy, but you may not be a whore.

Yes you are; an attention whore.

Leggings meeting? They all attended.

Why? I can’t comprehended.

Most designers are very wicked.

Soon, they’ll have walking naked.

Demoralizing society is a prolonged process.

Not many notice, nor do they assess.

They just follow, and buy what’s “best.”

Preferably clothes that shows more chest.

What happened to a good ol’ dress?

A smile finds its’ way to my face.

When I see a girl full of grace.

Covered chest, and hidden butt?

That’s much better than a “sexy” slut.

“I wear leggings cause they’re comfortable.”

No. That just means you’re vulnerable.

A slave to society is all you are.

Like some slutty wench at a drinking bar.

Waiting to get some action.

Maybe then you’ll get your satisfaction.

Drink away to quench your thirst.

That guy who “likes” you? You’re not his first.

Leggings scream “I’m just a piece of meat.”

To all those horny dogs who are in heat.

Some may stare and drool at your body.

You may like that, but that’s just shoddy.

So cut your excuses, and cover up.

A chic dress IS what’s up.

It tends to say “I’m a respectable woman.”

Instead of exposing yourself to all men.



One thought on “Exhortations

  1. I wish sway was inside of me…I’d love him to write a poem filled with juicy details, based on his experience with me…


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