Ripping Lust

A relationship should be all about fairness. Most of the time, you give more than you receive. That’s not fair whatsoever. Maybe you’re okay with it. Or, it may be that you just simply put up with it. It’s just so hard to leave at times.

Why do we put up with injustice in a relationship…

Sometimes our couple is way too marvelous to lose. Or maybe they’re too lusty to let go. They might have some trash on us that they’ll scatter if we leave. Or we just don’t want them to be the one that got away because they’re too attractive. Whatever the reason as to why we stay is, we have to rip a lusty relationship apart. A lusty relationship is just too malevolent to stay in.

They might be the best looking partner you’ve had, but if they don’t care about you, then it’s just a waste of time. It’s better if we grab a butchers knife and split the relationship in two. Leaving one free to see and meet better candidates. And leaving the other baleful, asinine fool to pounce on another soul. Staying in a detritus relationship is not a good investment just because your partner is “hot” or “sexy.”

Lust is hard to get away from. Especially when we see our partner as a trophy. A very sour but lusty trophy. When you quarrel, wrangle, dispute, or even squabble, it feels agonizing and stressful. In turn, when you partake in any sexual matter, it feels vehemently magical. That is toxic. That is lust. That is benign! Get away! Just rip apart the lust if it hurts too much when things aren’t intimate. If a relationship based on lust is your grind, then go ahead. Indulge in your fleshly desires. If you want the love, then no matter how good-looking your couple is, you just have to rip away from lust before you emotionally dissipate. It’s not “love,” it’s lust. So find someone better. There IS someone better out there for you. Someone who’ll provide you with all your dirty yet pure wants and needs. Someone who’ll love and lust you. Start by ripping the lust.


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