Windy Moon by Bear

This mystical piece was written by my close friend, Bear. All credits go to Bear, I simply revised and posted. Contact me to share your own.

Once, there was a girl conceived by the stars. In order to keep her safe, the stars placed her on the moon. All alone in the safety of the moon, the girl watched the Earth from afar. The view was breathtaking. Her life was filled with peace & solitude. Yet her heart began to ache; the pain turning ever-more unbearable with each revolution around the earth. After many seasons, the blue of the Earth began to whisper in soft waves to her; explaining to her the reasons for her sorrows.

“Love,” the great blue of the Earth hissed as its gentle voiced soothed and enlightened the girl on the moon. She contemplated this and began to envision her world full of love as she fell into a deep sleep…

It was at the same time, that the message from the great blue was passed onto the girl on the moon, that it was also passed onto the boy in the wind. The boy in the wind was conceived many moons before the girl and, he too, had been feeling the empty void.

He had spent his days traveling as the wind would blow, soaking up all of the scenes that he traveled through. When he received this message, and as the girl on the moon slept, the great blue and the wind came together and created a storm so fierce that the boy in the wind was thrust into outer space. He was thrown with such force that, he too, was sent to the moon.

Little did he know, the stars had brought him here. That here, the boy in the wind and the girl on the moon would find what they were grieving for all along. The girl’s eyes fluttered open. Startled, she found herself gazing into the eyes of the boy in the wind.


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