Once upon a time, “there was a weird, running cheerleader who lived in snow hell.” She has gone through hell and back? No, sadly she never got back. She was trapped in this bitter chasm of despair. For some, hell is hot and sizzling. For others it’s ambiguously the opposite. Kind of like when you touch something so cold, it burns. So she lie there, burning with the frost. Running away faster than a bride to fight the frost off of her developing body. Cheering along the sidelines to keep her aura uppity and crisp. Enduring life this long has accomplished something great; acceptance. Recognizing that life won’t pause for you. Time is solely evanescent. What’s left for her is the feint hope of prosperity and ecstasy. Perchance all this hard work will pay off after High School. Henceforth morphing life into an ethereal haven rather than a devastating hell.


3 thoughts on “Frosty

  1. Greek philosophers have tried to match the level of understanding that this man has. Through the ages, philosophy has set out on a quest to achieve a level of intelligence that this man has; their quest turned out fruitless. This is the most intriguing piece of literature I have bestowed my eyes upon. The man called “Sway” obviously has cognitive ability way above the average bear. He will go down in the textbooks as one of the most revolutionary minds of all time. I love this man with all of my genitals. #sway #4eversway #4everswayforever


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