Alpha to Omega

(Alpha being “fear in me” by Louis Mattrs

Omega being “starlight” by Jai Wolf

“No angel” by Birdy, “Dark side” by Bishop Briggs, “Turns you into stone” by Fleurie, “Burn it down” by Siobhan Sainte, and “Ending” by Isak Danielson being the alphabet in between.)

I’m not as inspired as Sway.

That’s why I have been posting his writing instead of mine.

I had to go through a whole process to make a new website.

I do not have the password to this website so once I log out and into my own, it’ll be gone forever until “4ever” gets back to it.

That’s fine, except for the fact that I haven’t had inspiration for my own writing.

So enjoy what’s not mine while I figure things out for my own.

(Breaking, shaking, baking.



Fired, desired, inspired.


It’s crazy how this world works.

All it does it wait until you’re vulnerable to offer you the world.

That’s why my world is not this world.

My world is her.

Her only.

Only her.

The only things we’ve found buried deep inside of the world are “secrets and lies” – Ruelle.)